WhatfettleLost Horizon


What on earth has happened to Horizon the BBC's flagship, OK only, science programme ? This used to provide the definitive guide to a subject levelled for an intelligent viewer. I particularity remember enjoying watching episodes in the 1980's on Computer Graphics and Artificial Intelligence and them being seriously discussed the following day at university. Now it treats its audience with such utter contempt that no-one with an ounce of sense can stand watching it at all.

Tonight's edition was particularly bad, within the first 10 minutes we'd witnessed several witless reconstructions, layer upon layer of stupid supposition strung together by portentous narration. The programme was paced so slow as to bore a snail on vallium, and continually asking the same rhetorical question over and over again causing me and the Mrs to scream the obvious answer at the telly. And so i'll ask again: what on earth has happened to Horizon the BBC's flagship science programme ? Well it's now co-produced by The Discovery Channel.