WhatfettleNever Eat Anything Bigger Than Your Head

Last night at dinner Ruth outed the advice "never eat anything bigger that your head". I was unsure if B. Kliban had originated this phrase as it's the title of one of his books. This lead on to my trying, and failing, to describe one of his cartoons "Bigotry in Action":


For the most part i'm a big fan of Kliban's work, in particular his cat drawings. At best they're thought provoking, at worst just bizarre, surreal or simply pornographic. Most of his books appear to be out of print, but I'd definitely suggest a look if you're lucky enough to encounter one his collections "Cat", "Whack Your Porcupine" , "Two Guys Fooling around with the Moon" and "Tiny Footprints".


Some of my favourites include "Not That Pig!", "I go for a man in a Thick Suit", "Congratulations, It's a boy!", "Better living through plywood #66", "Hands off Bitch, that's a MAN'S hairspray", "What the city of New York did with King Kong", "Ghenghis & Sylvia Kahn".


Some links:www.kliban.com www.eatmousies.com