WhatfettleThe Weather Project

The other weekend we all trouped off the Tate Modern to see the amazing "The Weather Project". This exhibit uses the whole of the turbine hall in the former power station with the entire ceiling mirrored making the otherwise empty space appear even larger.

The air is quite hazy filled with a thin mist created by a series of humidifiers dotted around the walls just above head-height.


At the far end is the Sun, actually a flat semi-circular translucent screen, lit from behind by a bank of mono-frequency lamps.

The single frequency light means that only black and yellow is visible giving the effect of living in a sepia tone photograph.


One of the more interesting aspects was the reaction of the crowd. Many sat on the concrete floor seemingly for hours picnicking, quietly chatting and forming patterns visible in the mirrors above. Everyone, especially our kids loved it:


All in all, pretty amazing. Entry is free (they accept donations) and photography is seemingly encouraged making this a real peoples' exhibition.

Olafur Eliasson's "The Weather Project" is on display at The Tate Modern until 21st March 2004.