WhatfettlePoetry Please!

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Whilst I was away last week, the older two each wrote a poem:

My father says
I'm a nincompoop
By picking my nose.
Now he gets a list that
says -
Do not glup the Carrots
Do not drink the olive oil
Do not hide mum's bikini
Do not shake the pepper
into the bin.
Do not splat a pie
in my face.
Don't pick your nose.
Don't pick your ears.
And the list is useless!

Jed (aged 7).

I wish I had and Alian
who came from outer-space,
he'd have 4 eyes and 3 big noses,
and a silly, silly face!
I wish I had a monster
who lived in monster land.
I'd come and visit every day,
'cause his house would be totally grand!
I'd love to have anything,
really would not care,
If I got a gorilla,
or a very grizzly bear.

Zoƫ (almost 9).