WhatfettleTintin au Greenwich

Tintin Sign

The other week we took the boat to Greenwich to see the Tintin exhibition at the National Maritime Museum.

The embankment ferry strangely stops first upstream at Westminster:

Big Ben

under the millennium wheel (my wide-angle lens makes the wheel look like it's raked backwards):


Then off downestream past the Globe theatre:


and beyond Tower Bridge:

Tower Bridge

Turning around at Greenwich there is a nice view of the Naval College with the Maritime Museum and Observatory behind:

Naval College

We almost had the same view as Canaletto:


Disembarking at Greenwich pier:

Grenwich Pier

A picnic on the cobbles outside the Cutty Sark and Brunel's tunnel. They were building a ramp up the steps ready for the London Marathon:

Cutty Sark

Off walking through Greenwich:

Blue Sign


The Maritime Musem is the former Naval Hospital:

Maritime Museum

The entrance hall has a nice full sized model of Professor Tournesol's shark submarine:


Possibly inspired by this photograph of from Hergé's collection:


I liked the poster of Haddock's rants:


One of the plus points for me and Lucy getting together was our combined collection of Tintin books had no overlaps:


So we just had to buy the special edition of "Tintin Haddock et Les Bateaux" by Yves Horeou and translated by Michael Farr:


The book overlaps Farr's own excellent Tintin - The Complete Companion. All in all the exhibition is great with lots of models and fun displays. Our companions for the day (not obsessive fans like us) enjoyed it too!