The other night we did a wife-swap, with Lucy going over to Carol's and Phil taking her place for the evening. I supplied the beers and curry and Phil brought some more beers and the DVD of S.W.A.T..

If it wasn't for the tricky wife-swap scenario, i might have been more confident about asserting my opinion: it was a homo-erotic, gun fest..

Hi Jack

I think it was the preoccupation with bottoms that sealed it, e.g.: "put your ass in a sling", ("i'd like to see your bottom wrapped up like a present"), "lets kick-ass", ("lets play footsie with our bottoms"), "i'm going to whoop your ass" ("spank me big boy") and "your ass is mine" (get your coat: you've pulled").

Seconds Cost Lives

Having said that, i disengaged brain, went with it, and "enjoyed a ride". Now i feel dirty. There was no plot, but highly questionable morals. This kind of film is probably one of the contributing factors to the kind of mentality required to behave like those American M.P.s in Iraq :-(

Kick Red Ass

Images from Viz - The Big Hard Number Two