WhatfettleZombie RFID Tags Must Die


Interesting article from ZDnet this morning on how Zombie RFID chips may never die.
I'm still undecided about RFID - is it cool, evil or stupid?

Cool: Well they're a source of tons of data that will enable some fantastic unforeseen applications, especially when combined with global positioning and Web services. They're going to help me brush my teeth, i'll never loose a book or CD again.

Evil: Our privacy is at risk. M&S are going to know it's me returning through their shop doors because i'm wearing "St Michael" underpants. Criminals will be able to see what's in my pockets and bag and 'case the joint' sitting in a car outside my house. It only takes another small step to the right in the US for them to insist 'aliens' have one implanted in their 'ass' before they can cross immigration.

Stupid: grand scale IT has a habit of never being as uniform and useful as you'd expect. We're already awash with data which isn't being used. Supermarkets are capable of mining all sorts of information now on what and how we buy goods, especially with the new self-scan systems. How much use can they really make of so much noisy data - consider the Beer and Nappies Urban Legend.

if you've read this and are thinking WTF is RFID, then take a look at these two different perspectives: the RFID - FAQ and the Stop RFID campaign.