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Ok, so there was this Football Match last night which England lost. On penalties. After 30 minutes of extra time. And after the useless Swiss referee disallowed Sol Campbell's last minute goal. And Wayne Rooney was injured. So as some small consolation here are some of the photos which were flying on Email around today.

Beckham Lesson

Beckham Penalty1

Beckham Penalty2


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I love these photo-jokes, one of my favourites being this one which was floating around before England Argentina:


Finally, Roger McGough composed and read on the Today Programme his excellent:

Ode to Sir Wayne of Rooney...

Paint the goalposts black
Lower the corner flag
Fly them at halfmast
Our lads defeated, but not outclassed

Rooney in pain
No Wayne, no game
Supporters openly break down and weep

Football heroes long dead
Stir in their sleep
Wipe the cross of St. George off the face of the moon

Blow the final whistle
Play the last post
Then raise your glass
And drink a toast to England