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BT Tower

Last week was somewhat dominated by hosting the W3C WSD WG face-to-face meeting. I managed to arrange a cool room in BT Centre, but the highlight was without doubt an evening bash in the revolving restaurant at the top of the BT Tower.

This was quite a treat since i'd not been up there nor met anyone in BT who'd been up there since it was closed to the public in the 80s. For someone brought up in the 60s, this was like a visit to Tracy island .. yeah baby!

Even though the weather wasn't that great on the night (the 3rd), at some 520 feet above the pavement, the view was somewhat amazing. Euston tower looked a long way down:

View Euston

It did clear up as the evening progressed:


Here's Centre Point and the Millennium Wheel:


The tower was moving in the wind and that was before they turned on the motors to rotate the restaurant. The outside of the floor completes a revolution once every 22 minutes.

BT Tower Inside

I did take a couple of almost accidental film clips of the moving parts and strung them into a short movie (2MB)

The only real downer on the evening was, for reasons which escape me now, Lucy wasn't invited :-(