WhatfettleNYC Walk to Work

Times Square

i've quite a nice walk from my Hotel (just north of Times Square on 7th st) up to the Web Services Addressing F2F.

Cakes for breakfast, no thanks:


Bagels from a van seems to be another popular option here:


past Carnegie Hall:

Carnegie Hall

and then along the bottom of Central Park:

South Parkway

Central Park

i like the statue of Simón Bolívar

Simon Bolivar:


The Early Show being recorded outside the CBS building:

CBS Early Show

presented by some dolly-bird:

CBS Dolly Bird

with a background of organised hysteria:

Go Crazy

and onto Madison Avenue (don't call me baby):

Madison Av

oops, i'm late and early at the same time :


and into the IBM building:


i like the Alexander Calder installation outside the entrance.