WhatfettleScripts for Grownups


In the week that IBM'ers rejoiced over the announcement of official support for their using Firefox and the amazing Mark Pilgrim published his latest free book Dive into Greasemonkey, I was passed an industry analyst report, you know the sort that big companies pay big money for their insight, which, says something along the lines: "Greasemonkey has absolutely no place on corporate computers [snip] it opens you up to exploits, performance problems, and support chaos.". I found this really depressing. Firstly as any good cook knows you're more likely to cut yourself using blunt knives. Secondly, I wonder what really is the difference between a GM script and a bookmarklet such as flickreplacr. Guess mnot maybe onto something with his ideas for a Greasemonkey proxy if it puts corporate thought-police minds at rest, but in essence GM is about personal computing and that is always going to be in contention with those responsible for protecting the herd - "you do realise it's not your computer, it's the company's".