WhatfettleXML Schema Patterns for Databinding


The W3C has announced the XML Schema Patterns for Databinding Working Group. This follows discussions at the W3C Workshop on XML Schema 1.0 User Experiences, and will hopefully address concerns raised by the formation of the WS-I Schema Workplan Working Group. The Charter lays out the problem to be solved and the scope of the work nicely: essentially we are going to collect patterns of XML Schema 1.0 which should work well with toolkits and document them with test cases.

As Chair, I hope to keep the ball rolling fairly within the W3C Process, however as a member, I'm keen to see that the patterns published don't alienate those of us who continue to prefer to continue to work with XML directly. Then there's that all important mention of versioning.

Finally, of course, without good participation, the working group doesn't really exist and so I'd encourage anyone with a steak in the interoperability of Web services to seriously consider joining.

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