WhatfettleLife on Mars


You know it's ages since there's been something I've wanted to watch on telly, but hidden away amongst hour upon hour of "I'm a Celebrity, Please Nuke this Island", "My Colonic Makeover", "Top 100 Cheap TV Programmes of All Time" and wall-to-wall imported Lost-the-plot wannabies, there's the corking Life On Mars. OK it's clichéd, as deep as a shag-pile carpet and as cheesy as a cheezy whatsit, but hey, that's the fun! A world without colour TV, mobile phones, computers, paramedics when PC was what you called your very non-PC no-nonsense walking-the-beat copper abetted by Sweeney-Todd-style DC's ('shad-it, you slag!'); when men were men, lasses were lasses, pink-wafer biscuits were pink-wafer biscuits and Mark II Escorts roamed the earth. Oh, how far we've come. Recommended!

Update: it seems I can't spell cheezy!

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