WhatfettleIt’s dead, Jim


Kudos to all involved in finally getting around to publishing the SOAP 1.2 binding for WSDL 1.1 but .. well .. if you have met me, you may know my personal opinion of the WS-I. I'm afraid it's an organisation whose primary focus is on marketing itself. Maybe they should work more on delivering the reality rather than selling the illusion of Web services interoperability. Now, at last, we have tangible evidence of how useful Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and SAP find it as a place to work together. So where is the IP shelter and errata process for this ad-hoc work?

Update: I'm reminded that even though the WS-I isn't capable of producing new work anymore, this kind of stuff will be parachuted in to be kissed with the trusty branding iron, which is why their marketing machine is so important. Even a dead cat may bounce.