WhatfettleFuto Maki Wins The Great Sushi Race!


A tale of two Travel Bugs, with an update of how I conned a friend into buying paying for sushi ..

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Back in November, Jonathan and I in the land of the rising sun, snuck off as the sun rose, braved giant spiders:

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and were first to find the Rinko Park geocache.

We didn't have anything much to swap with the great stuff inside:

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so we converted two plastic sushi trinkets into a pair of "fast food" travel bugs,
a prawn Ebi for Jonathan and pair of sushi rolls,
Futo Maki for me:

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And so began "The Great Sushi Race":

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Right from the outset I had a distinct advantage, with Ebi heading off to south Japan and South Korea, whilst Futo Maki made a beeline for Narita and then landed in the UK near Sheffield. The last hop was the most tricky, but again I had the advantage with my home cache being in an urban environment and Jonathan's literally in Back of Beyond. For that reason alone I feel bad about claiming the prize. Well, bad-ish :-)

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You can see the story so far in Google Earth courtesy of this kml file - I say so far because of course Ebi is still at large.

I'm indebted to Jonathan for the TB tags and doing a far better job of recording updates of the race. We should get to meet next week at the WS-I. Pity about the quality of the sushi In Ottawa, maybe double or quits is a better bet!

2006-06-20 Update:


So Jonathan paid out at Wasabi, here in Ottawa, after an evening geocaching. We had a witness in the shape of Ram, and very nice it was too! I particularly liked the "too cute to eat" octopus salad. As soon as Ebi is within reach, we'll have to cook up another race for a return match.