WhatfettleVisualising Wikipedia


Something I've noticed of late is how Wikipedia has effectively become my upper ontology. As I add more and more links in my utterings I wonder how useful it would be to annotate each and every word with a link to it's precise meaning. Well its widely agreed meaning at some point in time. Then machines could do something cool later on. I guess I'm ripe for Microformats, GRDDL or RDF-A.

So I was rather excited by the prospect of Pathway. The reality is slightly dissapointing. It's a shame that visualisations for representing relationships seem to have all fallen into this very flat convention of boxes joined by elastic bands, even when they're as interesting as They Rule!, as smooth as Tagnautica, as funny as ICONAUT as well animated as associatr or are extruded into 3D. Yeah I know Unix and I don't want it to look like this. Oh and I want the linkability of Wikipedia. There's got to be a better way.

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