WhatfettleW3C Workshop on Enterprise Computing

The programme is out for the W3C Workshop on Web of Services for Enterprise Computing. Seems I'm first up in a morning of Web love from Mark Baker, Mark Nottingham and Hugo Haas. Guess overlap is why Nick Gall of Gartner isn't up to present, but make sure you read his paper. It's a stormer!

To quote from my own, pretty robust, paper:

many of these scenarios span multiple organisations, which themselves can be quite fluid or virtual; capabilities may be bought in, outsourced or exposed as a product at very short notice to meet a business opportunity. In certain cases BT is required to expose services used internally in an equivalent form to competitors as a result of regulation. For BT, the term "enterprise computing" does not imply "within a single organisation".

Yes, the Web is the answer to all your problems, now what is this "enterprise" thing of which you speak?