WhatfettleTalk is Cheap

There's a great rant in what looked like a great talk from rock stars Don and Chris, which Ben transcribed:

“It turns out a lot of the headache people have with Web Services or WS-* is tied to XSD. XSD is more flawed than most technologies that roam the earth. I was on the committee that created it, and that was back when I made my money explaining complicated technologies to people for money, and man, I could hear the cash registers ringing in my ears.”

“Now my job is making things simple, which is unfortunate since I’m stuck with XSD.”

“XSD was a standard-committee driven piece of ####ing crap.”

Amen, and thanks to the likes of you we're saddled with the horror of schema. Instead of just moaning, maybe you could put some bums on seats over here.

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