WhatfettleI had a Dream!

Day two, and I have a dream, or rather I had a dream, last night, during Heroes. I should explain. Heroes for me induces narcolepsy. But it doesn't matter, because Heroes for me is a bit like football: you hang around for 90 minutes, nothing much ever happens, and then when you're out getting your hotdog, or having a wee, the goal gets scored, but next week, on Match of the Day, you can see the highlights - no problem! So maybe that's my power! I'm a Sonambulist. Not sure how useful that is, hmm, but, oh well.

So during this narcolepsy I had this idea for a device. I was on a boat and the boatswain on the front of a boat when it pulled up to a dock dropped a ball into a whirlpool and the whirlpool held the ball in place which therefore held the boat in place.

There you go, Mr MBA, go out and patent that! I won't patent it because for me, well "Intellectual Property" is an oxymoron, but, you know, there's an idea and for FREE! No problems implementing that! And really that's the thrust of my rant, because ideas are free, ideas are cheap, what's really important is the ability to execute on an idea. If you have an idea for a money making scheme in FaceBook or some fantastic BPEL driven engine to abstract away programmers, then maybe you wanna think out some of the issues for implementing that before you come to me! OK? Goodnight and sweet dreams.