WhatfettleChug! Chug! Chug!

I didn't record anything yesterday because I got quite into The Future of Web Applications [shows pass, way-hay!] which is an excellent conference, in particular, last night, the Live Diggnation Recording. Madness! Twelve hundred geeks in a high state of exuberance. Yay! Chug! Chug! Good fun, right up to the part where Alex and Kevin invited the audience in its entirety to the FOWA party. I looked over at Ryan Carson who had his head in his hands. It wasn't going to turn out well, and it wasn't pretty. Oh well, we still love the Diggnation guys!

Brilliant conference! I find conferences like this really energising, just talking to people, talking to developers, hearing stories like Pownce, three developers, a few thousand dollars, and the do something that's awesome! And then comparing that to what life is like in a large company where the ability to execute is often safeguarded by people who worry about The Brand. Which is right! But, just going out there, failing fast is just how things have got to be done.

Anyway, more fun today. I'm off to hear about Facebook (they're Evil ;-) and other stuff. Cool stuff! [Grin][Shrug]

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