Early Mojo Wire Frame

I'm best pleased Norm and David like Mojo. Both seemed concerned about outing us, but shouldn't worry. There's nothing much new there, just a demonstration of what's possible when you expose services such as BT's Web21C SDK onto the Web, a continuation of the conversation you may have seen Uros and I push out at Banff Mashing up the Mobile, or heard JP open up for discussion at Supernova. Being able to make phone calls from the likes of Netvibes, Pageflakes, iGoogle, bookmark a phone call, or put a feed of your calls into Yahoo! Pipes is pretty exciting, but this really is just the beginning. There's a bunch more new, great, cool stuff waiting in the wings to follow. As it stands, the API is pretty RESTful, not too dissimilar to S3, and of course we're investigating OAuth for handling delegation, but we'd appreciate feedback to ensure we've got it just right and it'll work in just about any mashup before launching. Everytime you do something to hurt the web, a LOLcat dies, so we've worked hard to keep the kitty collatoral down, but sticking points such as Same Origin Policy, and crappy Web frameworks, (yes, that's you, ASP.NET), means we may have to allow making phone calls using HTTP GET. Given my strong views on safety that really deserves a separate blog entry of its own.

Anyway, if you have hack-cred and know me, or one of the team, send us your OpenID and we'll give you a trial. Build something cool, give us some feedback and blog about it, we'll bung you a few more tokens!

BTW, the picture is the wire-frame Phil knocked up when we first started to talk about Mojo. Awesome retro chic!