WhatfettleMashup or Integration?

Much of yesterday was spent implicitly pondering the difference between a Mashup and an Integration. The question cropped up in conversation with Gareth, but came to a head as the Osmosoftonians investigated the use of TiddlyWiki to add an offline experience to an internal system only a vendor account manager could love. Coincidentally, JP was also yesterday musing about enterprise information and flow, from which my take is the blog is very enterprisey when charted on a diagram, but that's all hidden, dynamic loosely connected, plumbing. It's a convoluted route when drawn out in plan, but the result of the power of hyperlinks: you don't need a map to construct a Web-flow, you just follow the signs.

As a result, I'm pretty sure there isn't a knife-edge, a nonconstructive proof, but when considering calling something a mashup, you might like to ask the following questions:

If the answer to some of the above is "no", in particular the first and last ones, then you have an integration on your hands. Bad luck. It's going to be expensive, and certainly not pretty.

Bumper sticker: Mashup fun? No need to ask!