WhatfettleTask Specific Browsers

Most of the vision of the Web for 2008 seems to be coming true, which means it was either highly portent or most likely, already advent. I'll do a full round up at the end of the year, but in the meantime let me game the game by pimping one of the laggards: Site Specific Browsers. In the prediction, I cited Prism and Fluidapp already, which in essence build a browser for a single site, giving you a separate icon in your taskbar. Then there are the full sized widgets, applications dedicated to reskinning a site Mailplane for reading SPAM, eBay desktop for finding scammers and Twiteriffic for frittering your life away.

All fine and dandy, but wasn't really what I was getting at. A few months ago. A friend, who shall remain nameless, was showing me something cool on his laptop. As he typed the web address into Safari I remarked on the risk of, ahem, interesting URIs dropping down, to which he joked "don't worry, I always use Firefox to surf for pr0n". That joke revealed two great user stories:

Do such things already exist? Yes or no, expect them to be big!