A couple of years ago Brian Suda, who is a constant source of inspiration, visited Osmosoft and enthused about the papernet in particular pocketmod, a fabulous old idea, full of potential, but trapped inside a Flash application. Luckily he also inspired Natbat who came up with a neat stylesheet for making dinky pocket books using just HTML and CSS. From there it was a simple matter to put Natalie's stylesheet into a TiddlyWiki and TiddlyPocketBook.com was born.

The advantage of putting this into a TiddlyWiki is you can edit the page using either wikitext or HTML, and save changes locally:


The CSS Stylesheet works well in modern browsers, i.e Firefox 3.5 and Safari:

TiddlyPocketBook Print

Unfortunately with the current version of Chrome on the Mac, the Stylesheet works fine in the browser but it has a strange glitch when it actually comes to printing:

TiddlyPocketBook Chrome Bug

Once printed out, making a pocketbook is a matter of scoring the single-sided printed paper, a single cut and some careful folding. I've had good results gluing the books back-to-back using spray-mount:

Making a PocketBook

Alternatively you can fold the page down the middle for a concertina booklet:

Concertina Fold

An easy way to make your own pocketbook is to signup to TiddlySpace.com, visit http://pocketbook.tiddlyspace.com and from the user menu [top right] create a new space, "mypocketbook" remembering to check "Include the current space in the new space". When you visit http://mypocketbook.tiddlyspace.com there will be a pocketbook waiting for you to add content. Have fun!