WhatfettlePlot Unfolder

I was sorry to be unable to attend Papercamp not least because it's barely a couple of weeks since visiting the lovely Conway Hall for a day of cross disciplinary frolicking. Playful was a blast, resulted in a couple of pages of rather wordy-sketchnotes and inspiration falling out of the lugholes. One Playful thing in particular really caught my attention, Bertrand Duplat's Night of the Living Dead Pixels, a lovely combination of Choose Your Own Adventure stories with pocketbooks, 2d bar codes and iPhones. QR Codes are kinda cool, the integration with phones is interesting, but it's the papertech that fries my ham:


Back at home we had some fun making our own versions, Jed recreating Die Hard and Phoebe devising a virtual pet:

Gimmie Food!

All good fun but the unconstrained nature of these makes books them hard construct, fold, unfold and refold.

Phoebe's Plot Unfolder

So I wondered about a version more easily to mass-produce and came up with a "Plot Unfolder", a 3x3 printed double-sided on A4.

Finding Nero

My own, rather random plot unfolder "Finding Nero" was made by doodling, scanning, converting to SVG and uploading images to TiddlySpace:


The HTML printable page works well in Safari, Chrome and Opera, but needs more work before it'll degrade gracefully in browsers lacking support for CSS transforms and image/svg+xml from an <img> element. This, sadly, includes Firefox 3.6. In the meantime I've cooked up a [PDF] for the hard of browsing.