WhatfettleOne CSV, thirty stories: 15. Hotspots

This is day 15 of One CSV, 30 stories a series of articles exploring price paid data from the Land Registry found on GOV.UK. The code for this and the other articles is available as open source from GitHub

Following on from yesterday‘s hackday I had a spot of breakfast with Michael. I tweaked the map from Day 13 to scale the size of each postcode using the total volume of transactions over 20 years:

Volume Scattermap

Michael quickly turned this image into a second poster [PDF] before dashing to the station.

I’m cock-a-hoop how this image has turned out. The detail looks like bacteria on a petri-dish, but zoomed out it’s apparent not just where people live, but where people buy and sell houses the most, with the coast of East Anglia, Eastbourne and Cornwall darker than you’d expect. I can guess this may be due to turnover of retirement homes or holiday cottages but it’s plain to see there are many more interesting stories begging to be discovered from this simple map weighted with other open data from the likes of the ONS.

This afternoon I’m on a train travelling back from Plymouth which means several hours without access to the interwebs — an ideal opportunity to iterate this hack.