WhatfettleColoured by The Commons

As outlined in the platitudinous essay On The Vanity of Demanding Attribution, I publish under a Creative Commons license mainly so people can use my stuff without having to be bothered to bother me. But what's better than people just using your stuff is when they take something you've created and bend it a little. Two great examples of bending came up this week: firstly, Randy Thornton alerted me to his class at The University of Puget Sound who decided to discuss and colour in The Web Is Agreement and have published the results:

Students - FTW!

As if that wasn't enough for one's ego, in yesterday's post was a couple of free copies of Libros De Mexico, a magazine which I gather is on sale to the general public, but whose main readership is formed by booksellers and editors. On the cover is another great coloured version of The Web is Agreement:


I was amazed to see they've used a number of snippets of my doodles throughout the magazine:


The magazine looks great, and is chocked full of articles on the Web, including one by Nicholas Carr, no less. Shame my Spanish isn't better.


I simply love The Creative Commons!