WhatfettleHTTP Quick Reference PocketBook

httppocketbook - a TiddlySpace

Just before our fun and games with REST cards at the XML Summer School it became apparent that a quick reference guide for HTTP headers and status codes would be useful. So I knife-and-forked RFC 2616 into httpPocketBook.tiddlyspace.com, printed a few copies out, and projected the page whilst we waved our hands about.

As mentioned previously, the CSS3 print stylesheet doesn't work on crufty old browsers, so here's an A4 PDF which most printing applications should be able to scale to non-standard paper sizes.

In case you're interested, putting the PDF into one of the TiddlyWeb bags which underpin this space was a cinch:

$ curl -X PUT \ 
 -umyUsername:myPassword \
 --data-binary @httppocketbook.pdf \
 -H 'Content-type: application/pdf' \

Which I think hints at how TiddlySpace can be used as a nice RESTful data store.

As with all my efforts, this is published under a Creative Commons License, but I don't really demand attribution.