WhatfettleLetter Sweep

I liked Tim Bray's Letter Sweep, so thought I'd propagate the meme. Herein the results for each letter typed into the address bar of my browser with some overly snarky commentary:

[A]ndrewback.net — a simple artist's portfolio site I recently put up for my pal Andrew Back.

[B]log.mirror — a locally hosted mirror of blog.whatfettle.com, which I'm moving from the WordPress to a more minimalist home-made blogging engine.

[C]onfusedofcalcutta.com — the blog of my friend and mentor J.P. Rangaswami.

[D]ocs.tiddlyspace.com — the documentation Wiki for TiddlySpace, a service we're putting together at Osmosoft.

[E]n.wikipedia.org — well, d'uh!

[F]lickr.com — my best friend on the Web, stuck in an relationship I'm pretty sure isn't good for them.

[G]ithub.com — Fluxx for coding. Are they evil, yet?

[H]uffduffer — an endearingly useful site for collecting found sound recordings, I spend a lot of time view-sourcing and geeking out over Jeremy Keith's lovely markup.

[I]gnitelondon.net — for I-Spy The Web

www.[J]perla.com — a post by Joseph Perla read some time ago. I guess J isn't part of my daily routine.

[K]indle.amazon.com/most_popular — evidence for all crowds being wise, except for wise crowds, or popular not equating to interesting.

[L]anyrd.com — the lovely conferencing site put up by Simon Willison and Natalie Downe, where I get to be jealous of all the fun my friends are having.

[M]etacrap-preso.tiddlyspace.com — a zooming presentation I made of Cory Doctorow's Metacrap essay.

[N]ode.js — that innovative smooshing of JavaScript with co-operative scheduling which makes me insanely grumpy, only because I should have thought of it first.

[O]shug.org — the monthly Open Source Hardware meetup which I co-organise with Andrew.

[P]sd.tumblr.com — where I clip artwork to hopefully inspire some doodling.

[Q]uora.com — rather embarrassed by that one, given it's certainly not somewhere I hang out. Guess there are too few q's in my history.

Top Gun - Memo[R]able Quotes — crikey! What can I say? That isn't pretty!

[S]peakers.osmosoft.com — the Web page we use to control the speakers above people's desks in our office, via Andrew's switcheroo.


[T]iddlywiki-com.tiddlyspace.com — the Wiki where we garden the content for tiddlywiki.com.

www.[U]kuug.org — organisers of the fantastic OpenTech single day conference to which I submitted an Open Source Hardware talk.

[V]is.stanford.edu — I remain a wannabe data visualization guy.

www.[W]3.org — as I'm supposedly BT's Advisory Committee representative.

[X]mlsummerschool.com — where I've been known to wave my hands around.

[Y]outube.com — where I ritually mark videos I watch and like as a “favourite”, but which it turns out Google want to keep it to themselves, hidden behind a hash-bang. Guess I need to extract them, and put them under my own control, or they'll be lost like my old Tweets.

Art Finder A-[Z] — where I looked in vain for Athanasius Kircher. I was excited by the sound of somewhere to collect art I like, but whilst Art Finder looks lovely it left me feeling more like a visitor to an exclusive gallery, deigned to look at the precious, copyrighted things, before being funnelled towards the gift shop. I'm hopeful they'll fix that, knowing who is behind it, but for now I'll stick with Tumblr.

So a fun exercise, for me at least. I wonder how long we'll have an address bar for, given how little respect for The Web this current crop of browser vendors seem to have.