WhatfettleSchool Quiz Sheets

Captain Blank

As mentioned previously, each year i conjure up a quiz sheet to sell at our kid’s School Spring Fair.

The aim is to guess the title for each picture which all have the theme in their subject’s name. Last year the theme was “The Sea” so the quiz was entitled “Captain Blank”, the year before was “Kings and Queens”, so we had “King Blank : Queen Blank”:

King Blank Queen Blank

This year was more tricky. The theme was Medieval England, so i came up with the tenuous “Sir Blank, Dame Blank”:

Sir Blank Dame Blank

I’ve uploaded the sheets (and answers) as PDF files, so if you’re interested, give them a go:

King Blank : Queen Blank (1MB)
Captain Blank (600K)
Sir Blank, Dame Blank (1.4MB)