WhatfettleXML Summer School

Breakfast (Question, Answer?)* Paul Prescod

Without a doubt, one of the highlights of last year was attending the XML Summer School, Wadham college. I particularly enjoyed the Trends and Transients Day the talks were great and with an audience filled with top industry names the level of debate and Q&A was scintillating, both in the room and later over a pint. Delegates have good access to speakers who make themselves available at the numerous, great, social events.

So I'm really looking forward to returning, this time as a speaker on Eve's Web Services and Identity track. I'm talking about "Web Services Conventions and Controversies" and hope to make up for my not being Sean by combining lots of silly visual abstractions with phones ringing in the room. Also on the track are Marc Hadley, John Kemp, Jeff Barr, Rich Salz, Paul Madsen and John Chelsom. Great line up, eh? I also plan to seize the opportunity to work on my understanding of "Identity".

Elsewhere you'd be hard pressed to find better people to learn XML and XSLT from than the likes of Michael Kay, Jeni Tennison, Priscilla Walmsley, Norm Walsh, Paul Prescod and Bob DuCharme to name but a few.

With the Semantic Web Interest Group and Geek Night it's a great week to be in Oxford. So if you're about to book then bother me via Email and I'll send you a code for a speakers' discount.

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