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FOWD 2009

As much as I prefer hackathons, barcamps, open spaces, show 'n tell and other grass rootsy events to formal conferences, I do enjoy a good single-day single-track seminar particularly the unmissable d.construct. In that vein I was lucky enough to attend last year's Future of Web Design (FOWD) - a packed day of excellent speakers expounding about user-experience and Web design. These are important subject areas, and ones I can't claim much skill in particularly when compared to my fellow Osmosofties. I managed to hang out with some really cool people, had some amazing conversations and was inspired enough to make some crude sketchnotes:

FOWD London 2008

A year on, and I haven't found the time to think about justifying going to this year's event, but did spot a competition to design a "holding slide" to be displayed throughout the day in-between presentations, first prize being a conference pass. Suffering an art-attack, I had a quick crack at doing something over lunch. Ahem, something of a long lunch. Blush! My attempt is intended to highlight the thing I like best about the event: great people! I've also made an attempt to incorporate allusions to pet Carsonified themes of clouds, planes, etc. I'm no photoshop wiz, so used scissors and glue to cut and paste, which is a technique I've been experimenting with when making slides such as When Vendors Ruled The Earth:

When Vendors Ruled The Earth

I somehow doubt I'll win, given the competition is a room of professional designers, but it was fun to have a go.

Update: well I didn't even get shortlisted into the people's vote, which is a shame.